Rent a beautiful house, a boat house or an apartment in Holland!

Rent a houseboat/watervilla? or an apartment in Amsterdam? 

I am an entrepreneur

and I live in my house hidden in the forest;
or in my houseboat/watervilla or in one of my apartments in Amsterdam..
I love to share my houses and see the SMILE of my guest walking in for the first time..
I am creative & passionate about designing things to make the world more beautiful
I LOVE challenges & learning new things
I love my dog LOU LOU
Some people say I am bossy... I am!
I lived in Bali for 3 years
I dream of a house on Ibiza
I always carry my Gucci glasses
I drink lots of tea
Puglia, Byron Bay, Bali, Rajasthan, Ibiza en Gucci are my colour inspirations
I talk too much; I don't get jokes
I love to travel the world
I would love to live in Tahiti for 1 year and wear flowers in my hair
and roller skate to the moon
I love to give free hugs,
Welcome to one of my special homes, 

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Our house in beautiful Bergen, a hidden gem in the forests of North Holland!

Take a video tour of our beautiful water villa!